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Tasty Nuts:SUZUKI_:SV650s (1999+)

Engine Kit Suzuki SV650 (1999+)Engine Kit Suzuki SV650 (1999+)(Reference #ESU190b)
Our Engine Kits include all the necessary bolts to replace all engine castings in your chosen Color. Also included are pro-lube, and allen keys. Kits are easy to use - remove one bolt at a time, and replace with an identical length bolt!

Please note that oil filler caps are sold separately

Price:  $55.49 / $87.34


Fairing Kit Suzuki SV650 (1999+)(Reference #FSU190b)
Include the necessary bolts, washers and nuts to replace the entire fairing bolts including belly panel, seat unit and mud guard.  Also included are Anti-scratch bodywork washers, sleeving, pro-lube and allen keys.

Please note that Screen Kits are sold separately

Price:  $21.75 / $34.23

Fairing Kit Suzuki SV650 (1999+)


4 Bolt Screen Kit4 Bolt Screen Kit(Reference #2324)

Pro-Bolt Screen Kits include nylon nuts and anti-scratch washers.

Price:  $7.49 / $11.79


Suzuki Tank Kit -TSU085(Reference #2325)
Kits are easy to use - remove one bolt at a time, and replace with identical length bolt!

Kit includes 7 Bolts

Price:  $10.95 / $17.24

Suzuki Tank Kit -TSU085


Oil Filler Cap Suzuki StandardOil Filler Cap Suzuki Standard(Reference #2326)
Standard Suzuki Oil Filler Cap 20mm x 1.50 pitch

Smooth finish, drilled for easy fit of lockwire

Supplied with O ring

Price:  $16.99 / $26.74


Sprocket Nuts - SPN10(Reference #2327)
The ultimate rearwheel accessory! Using aerospace grade alloy, each has a stainless steel thread insert enabling higher torque (fitting instructions provided)  Sold in sets of 6.

Price:  $24.99 / $39.33
Sprocket Nuts - SPN10


Standard Cable Adjuster - LCA10Standard Cable Adjuster - LCA10(Reference #2328)
Start your obsession for under a fiver! Exact replica of the original, easy to replace, just slacken the old and slip in the new.

Price:  $8.25 / $12.99


Front Brake Reservoir Cap (75 x 43mm) LBRES010(Reference #2329)
Oblong large reservoir cap (75 x 43mm) Unique idea and nifty engineering!

Comes complete with countersunk bolts needed to attach

Use your original membrain

Price:  $32.99 / $51.93

Front Brake Reservoir Cap (75 x 43mm) LBRES010


Suzuki (Late GSXR) Top Yoke Nut - LTYOKE30Suzuki (Late GSXR) Top Yoke Nut - LTYOKE30(Reference #2330)
Tasty Nuts indeed!

Domed with breather for Suzuki range

Price:  $16.99 / $26.74


Pair of dust caps - 2DCAP10(Reference #2331)
Not only do they look great! They form an air tight seal and keep out the dirt.

Supplied with an "O" ring. We reccomend lubriating threads before fitting.

Price:  $6.49 / $10.22

Pair of dust caps - 2DCAP10


Mudguard & Hugger KitMudguard & Hugger Kit(Reference #2332)
Set of 6 Bolts & antiscratch washers

Supplied with allen keys and lubricant to fit

Price:  $10.75 / $16.92


Number Plate kit (NPLATE)(Reference #2333)
Number Plate kit consisting of 2 domed bolts, nuts and antiscratch washers

Price:  $3.99 / $6.28
Number Plate kit (NPLATE)


Number Plate kit USA Style (NPLATEUSA)Number Plate kit USA Style (NPLATEUSA)(Reference #2334)
Number Plate kit consisting of 4 domed bolts, nuts and antiscratch washers

Price:  $7.25 / $11.41


25 Piece Workshop Kit(Reference #2335)
25 Piece Workshop Kit of Spares

Ideal for changing non-stress areas such as

Heal Plates, Chain Guards, Mirrors, Mumber Plates,

or just for spares!!

Larger kits also available - check out our 'packs and kits' section.

Price:  $39.99 / $62.94

25 Piece Workshop Kit


Pro-Bolt Price ListPro-Bolt Price List(Reference #2336)
Please select the relevant price lists you would like to receive, this will be supplied free of charge with our Full Color Brochure.

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Tasty Nuts:SUZUKI_:SV650s (1999+)