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Tasty Nuts:SUZUKI_:GSXR750 (2000-2002)

Engine Kit Suzuki GSXR750 (2000+)Engine Kit Suzuki GSXR750 (2000+)(Reference #ESU149)
Our Engine Kits include all the necessary bolts to replace all engine castings in your chosen Color. Also included are pro-lube, and allen keys. Kits are easy to use - remove one bolt at a time, and replace with an identical length bolt!

Please note that oil filler caps are sold separately

Price:  $58.95 / $92.79


Fairing Kit Suzuki GSXR750 (2000+)(Reference #FSU148)
Include the necessary bolts, washers and nuts to replace the entire fairing bolts including belly panel, seat unit and mud guard.  Also included are Anti-scratch bodywork washers, sleeving, pro-lube and allen keys.

Please note that Screen Kits are sold separately

Price:  $50.49 / $79.47

Fairing Kit Suzuki GSXR750 (2000+)


6 Bolt Screen Kit6 Bolt Screen Kit(Reference #2426)

Pro-Bolt Screen Kits include nylon nuts and anti-scratch washers.

Price:  $10.75 / $16.92


Suzuki Tank Kit -TSU145(Reference #2427)
Kits are easy to use - remove one bolt at a time, and replace with identical length bolt!

Kit includes 7 bolts

Price:  $10.95 / $17.24

Suzuki Tank Kit -TSU145


Oil Filler Cap Suzuki StandardOil Filler Cap Suzuki Standard(Reference #2428)
Standard Suzuki Oil Filler Cap 20mm x 1.50 pitch

Smooth finish, drilled for easy fit of lockwire

Supplied with O ring

Price:  $16.99 / $26.74


Sprocket Nuts - SPN10(Reference #2429)
The ultimate rearwheel accessory! Using aerospace grade alloy, each has a stainless steel thread insert enabling higher torque (fitting instructions provided)  Sold in sets of 6.

Price:  $24.99 / $39.33
Sprocket Nuts - SPN10


Suzuki Cable Adjuster - LCA20Suzuki Cable Adjuster - LCA20(Reference #2430)
Start your obsession for under a fiver! Exact replica of the original, easy to replace, just slacken the old and slip in the new.

Price:  $8.25 / $12.99


Front Brake Reservoir Cap (61mm o/d ) LBRESR10(Reference #2431)
Unique idea, nifty engineering & Literally in your face

Just choose which Color your Color

Use your original membrain

Price:  $32.99 / $51.93

Front Brake Reservoir Cap (61mm o/d ) LBRESR10


Rear Brake Reservoir Cap LBRES020Rear Brake Reservoir Cap LBRES020(Reference #2432)
Unique idea and nifty engineering!

Provided with countersunk bolts in matching Color

Use original membrain

Price:  $32.99 / $51.93


Suzuki (Late GSXR) Top Yoke Nut - LTYOKE30(Reference #2433)
Tasty Nuts indeed!

Domed with breather for Suzuki range

Price:  $16.99 / $26.74

Suzuki (Late GSXR) Top Yoke Nut - LTYOKE30


Pre-Load Adjuster - PLOAD22Pre-Load Adjuster - PLOAD22(Reference #2434)
Not only do they look great, but functional as well!

It's now so easy to adjuste your spring compression to allow for pillion passengers or different road types.

Sold in pairs complete with steel grub screws and allen key to slip straight onto the springs

Price:  $49.99 / $78.68


Pair of dust caps - 2DCAP10(Reference #2435)
Not only do they look great! They form an air tight seal and keep out the dirt.

Supplied with an "O" ring. We reccomend lubriating threads before fitting.

Price:  $6.49 / $10.22

Pair of dust caps - 2DCAP10


Mudguard & Hugger KitMudguard & Hugger Kit(Reference #2436)
Set of 6 Bolts & antiscratch washers

Supplied with allen keys and lubricant to fit

Price:  $10.75 / $16.92


Number Plate kit (NPLATE)(Reference #2437)
Number Plate kit consisting of 2 domed bolts, nuts and antiscratch washers

Price:  $3.99 / $6.28
Number Plate kit (NPLATE)


Number Plate kit USA Style (NPLATEUSA)Number Plate kit USA Style (NPLATEUSA)(Reference #2438)
Number Plate kit consisting of 4 domed bolts, nuts and antiscratch washers

Price:  $7.25 / $11.41


25 Piece Workshop Kit(Reference #2439)
25 Piece Workshop Kit of Spares

Ideal for changing non-stress areas such as

Heal Plates, Chain Guards, Mirrors, Mumber Plates,

or just for spares!!

Larger kits also available - check out our 'packs and kits' section.

Price:  $39.99 / $62.94

25 Piece Workshop Kit


Pro-Bolt Price ListPro-Bolt Price List(Reference #2440)
Please select the relevant price lists you would like to receive, this will be supplied free of charge with our Full Color Brochure.

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Tasty Nuts:SUZUKI_:GSXR750 (2000-2002)